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About Bambini

Dear Parents/ Guardians,

Since I established Bambini almost twenty years ago I have been reminded again and again how much children need more than just a place to go while their parents are at work or busy with other activities. Children need a warm and safe family atmosphere where they can feel relaxed and comfortable.
This protective and nurturing family spirit is a fundamental principle of Bambini and makes Bambini different from many of the other good quality daycare centers in Amsterdam. 

The educators of the Bambini team – all of them women – of course have the necessary diplomas and certifications required by established daycare centers. But in addition to these high professional standards, communication skills and language abilities are also what I take into account and the staffs personalities, warmth, kindness and empathy.

When you entrust your child to Bambini you can rest assure that he or she is not only in competent hands but will also feel almost at home.

From this vision I started my first Bambini daycare center (KDV) in 1995 (Noordhollandstraat), offering a home like atmosphere where children could learn and play and the parents could be assured of a caring and safe environment. This personal approach proved to be a success and in the same year I opened a second location (Ter Kleef), followed by a third in 1997 (Overdam) and finally another in 1999 (A.J. Ernststraat).

At the request of many parents, we also opened an afterschool care center (BSO) in 2008 at A.J. Ernstraat. Within one year, this location was transformed into a cozy and multifunctional place for different ages and it now offers space for up to 60 children from four to twelve years old.

As we continued to expand the program offerings, in 2012 we consolidated the four centers to two main locations, Overdam and A.J. Ernstraat. This allows children to continue in the same location for up to eight years providing them a well-known and comfortable setting filled with familiar and friendly faces.

Another unique point about Bambini is our international and open outlook. We welcome children from all cultures and religions and respect parents’ wishes about diet and customs. We encourage parents to discuss special wishes and we always find a way to meet your requirements.
This is just one more reason that both children and parents consider Bambini as ‘almost like at home’.

I hope you enjoy reading the information on our website, and please don’t hesitate to contact me directly for more information of our facilities or a talk about your child or children.


On behalf of the Bambini team and with best wishes.

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