Daily schedule

This daily schedule is a guideline and follows the natural need of children to eat, sleep and play.

Daily schedule

Each group has a clear daily schedule and fixed rituals, with which we wish to give your child guidance and confidence quickly enough. This daily schedule is a guideline and follows the natural need of children to eat, sleep and play. Babies follow their own rhythm.

From7.45 – 9.30 am
You bring your child. Time for coffee, tea and a chat. This allows the parents to give information about the child: How did the night go, for example? How does the child feel? Valuable information to start the day well.

9.30 am
The groups currently start having fresh fruit. After this joint moment, in which the interaction between children and employees is stimulated, the child can choose an activity, either indoors or outdoors. On the baby groups, the children eat fruit as standard in the afternoon.

11.30 am
After washing hands, the children and the employees will have a sandwich (brown bread) with soup or a hot meal. Here too we follow a vegetarian policy.

12.00 am– 3.00 pm
The youngest children go to sleep. Older toddlers who stay awake can choose from a variety of activities.

3.00 pm
Time for a cracker or a snack. Drinks such as milk, thick juice, water and /or yogurt drinks are offered with every meal (and also in between). After that, your child can play outside or participate in a joint activity.

4.00 p.m.
You can pick up your child from this time and you will receive the transfer from the employee about how the day went. The development of your child is central to this.

A moment of peace with a song or a book. Around this time, the children are also offered a nibble and a drink. A moment of rest where the children, for example, start puzzling or building Lego.

6.30 pm
Bambini Daycare closes at 6:30 pm every day.


Babies have their own sleep and eating rhythm and therefore their own daily schedule. The nursery provides the food and provides the diapers. A feeding schedule is used in consultation with the parents. It is also possible to breastfeed at the nursery. You can also give pumped milk. However, please inform us whether it is kept in a chilled or frozen state.

For nutrition we use Hero (Nutrilon) 1 starter milk, Hero (Nutrilon) 2 follow-up milk, Friso 1 starter milk, Friso 2 follow-up milk. We make cereal and rice flour porridge. Everything that falls outside this pattern, such as dietary food, is agreed upon beforehand and should be taken from home.

The rhythm of the babies determines their day. The pedagogical staff follows the child. Individual activities are done when the child is awake, has been changed and has eaten.

Sleeping and resting

Children sleep in the designated bedroom. Children from 2 years old can rest on a stretcher. From 2-3 years we reduce the sleep hours, in consultation with the parent.

Children sleep on fixed beds. We have a sleep protocol to ensure that everything is as quiet and safe as possible.

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