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Change days

The purpose of change days is to offer opportunity to parents of caretakers of children in Daycare Bambini to make use of a so-called change day in the current year. Thus you can exchange a regular daycare day against another day.
The conditions for making use of a change day are arranged in the following procedure:

A change day should be notified at least 2 days beforehand to the group leader.
Between change days should be a period of maximum 14 days.
A change day can only be offered when there is place in an appropriate group at the preferred date.This means that the group where your child is placed at the change day cannot transgress the maximum number of children per educator.
A change day can be allowed once when your child has a contract for 1 day per week, or twice when your child has a contract for 2 or more days per week. . 
Change days cannot be exchanged for cash.
When a change day is granted, the parent or caretaker receives the submitted in return, signed by the leader of the group.
Unused change days cannot be transferred to a next year.

Daycare center Bambini will inform the parent or caretaker as soon as possible whether the proposed change day is approved.

Here you can download the change day form.

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