Our pedagogical staff plays an important role in optimizing the children’s developmental possibilities.

Pedagogy Daycare Center

Our pedagogical staff plays an important role in optimizing the children’s developmental possibilities. As adults, they offer the proper opportunities and challenges to the children, enabling them to develop themselves as they need, and to find their own way in the center and in society. They are also the ones who guard the safety and provide a pleasant atmosphere in the group. At Bambini, guidance is provided to the child, while offering space for autonomy and the child’s proper qualities. We are curious about what motivates the children and what their background is.

Children are eager to learn how the world around them works. It is our job to guide them in this. Based on our principles and four educational goals, we will describe how we do this.


  1. 1. Our pedagogical staff approaches children in a positive way, and builds a good relationship with them, while remaining consistent in their actions.
  2. 2. Children and employees from different backgrounds can recognize themselves in our supply of games and activities.
  3. 3. Our pedagogical employees work together with each other and with the parents in a constructive way.

We have an extensive manual of pedagogy. The manual is available for inspection at the location. We would like to give you the confidence that you can leave your child with us with peace at heart. By creating a living room atmosphere, your child will soon feel at home with us. Apart from offering childcare, we also provide responsible guidance and education to your child.

The pedagogy handbook discusses the pedagogical framework of our children’s center, the ideas we pursue and how we want to contribute to the development for the ages 0 to 4 year old.

Our aim is to offer high-quality childcare. From physical care, such as offering food (a hot meal every day for the larger children, bread, fruit, spreads) to pedagogical developmental activities for your child.

We see ourselves as the parent’s parenting partner and will always strive to be able to work well with you through mutual information and advice.

Educational goals for KDV

Based on the four parenting goals, we will describe how we do this.

The four parenting goals at a nursery are:

  1. 1. Providing children with emotional safety and security
  2. 2. Stimulating a child’s personal development
  3. 3. Stimulating a child’s social development
  4. 4. Communicating values and norms to a child.

How the pw should act is described in the interaction skills (what do you do, what do you say, how do you say it).

Download our Pedagogical and Safety and Health policy here

Policy safety and health KDV 2021

Handbook Pedagogy KDV 2021

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