Group composition

According to the laws and regulations, children in afterschool care are placed in one fixed group of children.

Group composition

According to the laws and regulations, children in afterschool care are placed in one fixed group of children. For afterschool care, this group of children is called a ‘basic group’.

At the BSO we have a working method that ensures that children and employees know and experience which basic group they belong to. A child at Bambini will first eat together with his or her regular basic group (or at another fixed table moment). Of course, the children are then given the freedom to make their own choices in doing activities and joining friends in another basic group.

The BSO afternoon is always started from the basic group, after entering and registering. When all the children are in at the BSO, they go to their proper basic group, which is a group of up to 20 children with their proper pedagogical worker (PM), at their regular place within the BSO space. The children eat in that group and can share their stories if they wish so. The regular PM also ensures that she has seen all the children and, if needed, has a talk with them. Usually they discuss the activities, or other details of that day, while having their fruit. This group moment takes about 10 minutes, after which all children re-enter the large group and choose their activities for that day. Also at dinner they are at their regular table, during approx. 15 min. between 16:00 and 16:15.

Basic groups

Basic group


Max.. Number of children

Max.. Professionals

Orange group (group above)

3 years to 12 years




4 years to 12 years




4 years to 12 years



If during the group moment in the basic group details come up with one of the children, that should be known to all PM’s of the day, in the interest of the child, the permanent PM communicates this with her colleagues. If during the day details of a child should be reported to the parent(s), the management will make sure that this is known to the PM who is that day responsible for registration when the child goes home. The parent will then be informed and possibly referred to the PM who has reported the details. This way, we ensure adequate communication between PM, the child and the parents.

Every basic group has its regular PM’s. In addition to these permanent PM’s, also professionals will asssist on the substitute basis if necessary. A permanent team creates clarity and a familiar atmosphere, so that we can offer the children emotional safety.

Being taken care of in another basic group (occasionally)

The law obliges us to inform the parents and ask for written permission to place your child in another basic group, even if it is in the same location. This can occur occasionally or for a certain period of time. The employees on the group inform the parent about any incidental or interim mergers or changes. The parent can also ask the employees of the group to tell more about the working method. Parents sign the consent form with us or email us for approval.

On Wednesdays and Fridays, the orange group is closed and the children are taken care of in the blue group.

The orange group currently consists mainly of younger children. The children know which PW they can contact with their questions. Thus the PW and parents always know where the children are.

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