Bambini has an internal complaints procedure within the framework of the Childcare Act.


Bambini has an internal complaints procedure within the framework of the Childcare Act. This regulation describes the method of dealing with and registering complaints from parents. Preferably, parents/caretakers first discuss a complaint with the directly involved employee. If this does not lead to a satisfactory solution, a formal complaint can be submitted to the complaints officer, Mr. Ritchy Brown, who can be reached by email: A formal complaint should be submitted in writing.

If the internal complaint procedure does not lead to a satisfactory solution, parents are free to contact the national information, advice and mediation desk at Klachtloket Kinderopvang, based in The Hague,, or to register the dispute with the national Disputes Committee In some cases, it is important to submit the complaint directly to the Disputes Committee.


Bambini KDV & NSO


The employee, working at Bambini

Complaints officer:

The employee where the complaints come in, who monitors the procedure and handles complaints on the part of the director, herein is also referred to as the complaints officer.

Location Manager:

The person in charge of the location where the child is placed


A natural person who uses, wishes to use or has used the services of the childcare organisation, for the care of his or her children.


The parent who lodges a complaint


Written expression of displeasure.

Childcare Complaints Desk:

Institute for Information, Mediation, Advice and Mediation.

Disputes Committee:

Disputes Committee childcare and playgroups, for binding dispute settlement.


Written is also understood to mean ‘electronic’, unless the law opposes this.

Preliminary complaint
If a parent has a complaint, the organization assumes that it will be discussed with responsible person as soon as possible. The contact is therefore in principle the employee at the group. If this does not lead to a solution, the complaint can be discussed with the location manager. If this does not lead to a satisfactory solution, a complaint can be made.

Submitting a complaint
A complaint must always be submitted in writing. The complaint is also to be submitted within a reasonable period of time after the complaint has arisen, whereby 2 months is considered reasonable. The complaint shall be provided with the date, name and address of the complainant, if possible the name of the employee to whom the complaint relates, the location and the group, plus a description of the complaint. If the complaint concerns a suspicion of child abuse, the domestic violence and child abusereporting code will enter into force. This will conclude this complaints procedure.

Handling of the complaint
The complaints officer takes care of the substantive handling and registration of the complaint. The complaints officer confirms in writing the reception of the complaint to the parent. The complaints officer shall keep the complainant informed of the progress of the handling of the complaint. Depending on the nature and content of the complaint, an investigation will be carried out. If the complaint concerns the behavior of an employee, this employee will be given the opportunity to respond orally or in writing.

The complaints officer monitors the procedure and the time frame for handling. The complaint will be dealt with as soon as possible, unless there are impeding circumstances. In that case, the complaints officer shall inform the complainant as soon as possible. In any case, the complaint will be dealt with within a period of 6 weeks. The complainant will receive a written and reasoned opinion on the complaint, including concrete deadlines within which any measures will be implemented.

External complaint handling
If the internal complaint handling does not lead to a satisfactory solution or outcome, the parent has the opportunity to contact the Childcare Complaints Desk or the Disputes Committee. The parent can contact the Disputes Committee directly if the parent cannot reasonably be required to submit a complaint with the holder under the given circumstances. Even if the complaint has not led to settlement within six weeks, the complaint can be submitted to the Disputes Committee. The complaint must be submitted to the Disputes Committee within 12 months after submitting the complaint to Bambini.

External party:

The Disputes Committee
P.O. Box 90600
2509 LP The Hague

Call: 070 310 53 10.

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