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Daycare center

When you decide to make use of our daycare, you like to know that your child is happy at one of our locations. He or she should feel safe, get proper attention and above all have fun. Bambini takes care about this in a personal and child centered approach.

Wij would love to welcome you and if you need a tour at one of our locations/ or for more information: 

Bambini Overdam (KDV)
Overdam 8
1081 CG Amsterdam
Telefoon: 020-6613663
LRK nummer: 491994163
Contact person: Devorah Zandwijken

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We work with horizontal groups:

  • Baby 2 months -18 months old    maximum of 8 children
  • Small toddlers 18 months – 36 months old  maximum of 11 children
  • Bigger toddlers 36 months – 4 years old   maximum of 13 children

As the kids are together in the same age group,  we can match the daily rhythm and activities with their cognitive and social emotional development. Thus we can stimulate and challenge your child in a proper way and at the right moments.


Opening Hours

We are open from Monday till Friday at 07.45am till 6.30pm.

The Daycare Closing days for 2022 are:

Friday April 15th Good Friday
Monday April 18th Easter Monday
Wednesday April 27th Kingsday
Thursday May 26th Ascencion Day
Friday  May 27th Day after Ascencion Day
Monday June 6th Whit Monday

From Monday December 26th 2022 till Sunday the 1st of January 2023 we are closed.
Monday the 2nd of January 2023 we are open again.

The days written here above are already calculated within the costs for the daycare you don’t pay for these closing days.

Prices 2022

Hours Days Month
10,75 2 € 877.66
10,75 3 € 1316.48
10,75 4 € 1755.99
10,75 5 € 2195.06

Hourly rate: €9.60
Extra day €103.25

Changing days are free (if mentioned beforehand and discussed with teachers)

Warm vegetarian meal (cooked at our location), diapers and excursions are included within the price.

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