Rates Daycare

Rates Daycare Bambini 2022

Payment is made monthly, before the beginning of the month. We make use of automatic collection (incasso). The invoices are sent by e-mail every month.

Hours Days Month
10,75 2 € 877.66
10,75 3 € 1316.48
10,75 4 € 1755.99
10,75 5 € 2195.06

Price per hour is:


Extra day:


Swap day:

Free of charge (if indicated in advance)

Bambini applies a minimum purchase of 2 days.
Hot meals other food, diapers and trips are included in the monthly rates.
Surcharge for non-delivery of direct debit per month: €10,-

After-school care hourly rate: € 8.18

The automatic incasso will take place around the 25th of the month. If this has not been successful due to circumstances, we ask you to transfer the amount yourself, as soon as possible, stating the invoice number and invoice date on account number NL57ABNA 043 99 53 219.

Request for extra care

It is possible that you need unexpected care on a different day than contractually agreed. This extra childcare can be requested with a form. Depending on the legal employee-child ratio (PKR), we will consider your request. You will then receive a written message whether it is possible or not. This day will be charged the next month.


Payment is made monthly before the start of the new month. We use an automatic incasso, which you agree upon by signing the placement contract. The invoices are emailed to you every month and at the end of the year you will receive an annual overview for the tax authorities.

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