Nutrition and Sleep

The children and leaders at Bambini eat and drink healthy food.

Nutrition and sleep


The children and leaders at Bambini eat and drink healthily:

  • Fresh fruit
  • Hot (vegetarian) meal
  • Brown bread: the 1st sandwich with savory toppings, the 2nd sweet and the 3rd (for those who still have appetite) savory again
  • Soup sticks, rice cakes, crackers, gingerbread, league and biscuit
  • Various types of baby food (Nutrilon 1, Nutrilon 2, Hero 1, Hero 2, cereal and rice flour porridge)
  • Water and tea
  • Thick juice and semi-skimmed milk

The children do not get meat, Bambini has a vegetarian policy. However, meat substitutes and fish are used, provided that permission has been granted by the parents.

We provide a daily hot vegetarian meal for your child. When your child has dinner with us we ensure a healthy, varied meal. Every day you can read on our information sheet what is on the menu for the whole week. Usually it will consist of a dish with fish or a vegetarian dish, always with fresh vegetables and potatoes, rice or pasta. Pork, seafood and shellfish are not served at Bambini. Of course, we take specific dietary requirements into account.

Meals are free of charge.


All children have their own place in a bunk bed. The babies sleep upstairs in a sleeping bag. In principle, we make sure that the children never have to cry, even at bedtime. For new children, the times of the home situation are taken into account and slowly the times are shifted to those of the nursery.


The children are changed after each meal and according to their needs. You don’t have to bring diapers yourself, these are included.

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